When it comes to sales performance management, there’s, unfortunately, no such thing as a magic wand to create a motivated and effective sales team. So, what is the secret to crafting a supercharged sales team? Well, the answer may just surprise you in its simplicity: communication. 

Let’s look at why improving the way you communicate could give your sales team a boost:

1.) Don’t forget they’re human

When you’re managing a fast-moving sales team, it’s natural to focus on performance. In doing so, the team can become a lot like a machine, but it’s vital to remember that in reality, you’re dealing with a group of human beings.

They get tired, they get stressed, they have needs – and by addressing them with good communication, you can improve the sales team’s performance. Be sure to take the time to speak to each of your salespeople individually – and not just about their work.

2.) Ensure sales goals are clear and concise

There’s nothing more frustrating for a salesperson than an unclear or nebulous goal – and because salespeople tend to be goal-focused, this can result in stress and a reduction in performance.

When communicating with your sales team, ensure that you’ve been clear about what their goals are and what success looks like. If this means you need to work with them to create sales goals which work better for them, so be it – it’ll benefit your bottom line, after all. 

3.) Double-check they’ve got the tools they need

Another key to supercharging your sales team via communication is to make sure they have the tools and materials they need to succeed. If they’re pitching to a prospect and they don’t have the correct printed materials or resources, it could result in lost business for you – and this could have been avoided with better communication.

It’s a smart idea to set up a central location where your sales team can find all necessary collateral they need to make those sales.

If you need a little help meeting sales targets or motivating your sales team, consider a compensation software like Commissionly. With an easy-to-use design that’s accessible to all, it makes communication with your sales team an absolute breeze.