Paid When Paid Commissions

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Sales commission software is a great aid for calculating and tracking how much sales compensation you owe your staff.

Our Paid when Paid Commissions feature allows you to pay commissions to your reps only once payment has been collected by your clients. We do this by connecting your invoicing or payment system to Commissionly so that the process is automated.

Not only does it pay when payment has been received, but this feature also allows you to determine the commission rate paid out to your reps based on what revenue they achieved in sales when the deal was closed won, or the invoice created.

If they are paid different commission rates at different tiers of sales revenue achieved, this automates that calculation. This can be calculated for either your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual targets.

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Advantages of Sales Commission Software:


Sales commission software is an essential component of sales planning that makes the process of tracking commissions less of a burden. Sales managers will, therefore, spend less time disbursing commission to their sales representatives.


Managing commissions using commission management software directly motivates the sales team. The software allows them to monitor their earned commission from their devices at any time.


A commission management software will ensure that the payment of commissions process is smooth and automatic, minimising errors and ensuring the sales representatives are paid on time.

Still using Excel to calculate your commissions?

If you’re currently using a spreadsheet to calculate commissions, and you’d like a simpler, more efficient way to manage sales performance, why not consider Commissionly?

You can even benefit from a free trial with a demonstration on how to improve your sales performance management. With a host of other powerful features, like sales territory management, sales quota management and sales objective management, you’ll soon find yourself wondering how you ever managed with a simple spreadsheet.