IT Sales have requirements for differentiating between, New, Upgrade and Renewal sales. There can also be variable commission rates per product and the requirement to manage long term contracts paid on a monthly basis.

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Sale Categorisation

Within Commissionly it is possible to segment deal data based on type. This allows different commission conditions to exist based on the New, Upgrade, Renewal or any other deal criteria.

Product Matrix Commissions

Commissionly has the ability to build product matrix for use in commission plans. Each product or service within a deal can have its own commission rate allowing you to mix the commission rates within the plan. 

Data Manipulation and Transformations

If you need to apply IF THEN ELSE conditions or other logic or transformations to the deal data, Commissionly has built in functions to effect individual deals or complete commission calculations .


Designed to use the data in individual deals, Calculations take place within each deal. They allow values in fields in the deal to be used in calculations to derive a value of a custom field. This is used for deducting charges (Such as Credit Card processing fees) or testing for the presence of a value before the commission is calculated.

Formula Builder

Allows complex calulations using variable to change the  commission amount either per deal or on the total commission calculated.
Build complex and multi nested formulas.


Sales data can either be manually imported via a csv upload or you can use Zapier to connect CRM’s, Billing and Payment Systems. You can create and update deal records for commission calculation. Custom API integrations can be built if required.

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