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Fully automate sales commission software that saves you time and money, eliminates errors and improves your productivity.

NEW FEATURE RELEASES: ASC 606 reports, Commission Lock, Pay Cycle Manager, Simplified CSV Import

Solving Sales Commission Software Challenges for your Industry

  • Financial Services Commissions

    Automatically assign Agents to transaction revenue (Broker Payments, Insurance Payments) via sales codes, client names, account numbers or client ids.

    Reconcile Commission payouts against payments received to your bank.

  • Energy Sales Commissions

    Energy Transaction Commissions
    Load monthly consumption data and calculate commissions for your agents. Auto Assign Agents based on Client, Meter ID or any other id data.

    Future Contract Commissions
    Project future contract commissions with our built in future commissions report feature More...

  • Medical Product Commissions

    Managing commissions within Medical sales can be a complex, time consuming and costly exercise. Commissions on medical sales can be influenced by the product being sold, the institution purchasing, the doctor using the product and the relationship with the sales person or agency.

  • ISO Payments Commissions

    Residual Commission Payments
    Upload multiple processor statements via custom templates.

    Use revenue share or buy rate in commission calculations

    Auto assign Agents and splits to MID Numbers or DBA Names to speed calculations

    Use our CRM features to track you sales process

  • Broker, ISO and FMO Insurance Commissions

    Premium Payments
    Auto Assign commission hierarchy to your policy commissions to calculate commission payout

    Future Commissions
    Assign a payment schedule to your policies to see future commissions calculations More...

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Our Ratings and Reviews

  • Peter Gush / IT, GetApp

    A simple, stand-alone yet highly functional approach to managing commissions.

  • Rowan L / G2 Crowd

    The app is fast, intuitive and easy to understand.

  • Quinn W / Director, Capterra

    Simple, Affordable, Effective…Amazing.