3 ways to make your sales meetings more effective

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When it comes to sales performance management, you need to be holding regular meetings with your sales team. It helps you to identify when there are problems with your sales team and guide them to meet their sales goals more effectively. However, meetings often have a reputation for being a waste of time. Normally this is because they aren’t properly … Read More

Improving customer experience through sales enablement

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The world of B2B selling is fast-paced, and can change rapidly. For this reason, sales training and enablement have become as important as they have ever been. In this landscape, too many companies are not quite hitting the mark when it comes to how prepared their sales teams are. Where companies fall short A survey by the Sales Management Association … Read More

5 steps to sales performance management success

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Are you keen to boost the effectiveness of your sales team by taking the sales performance management route? Then having an effective approach to help you get there is key. With the right approach, individuals will be able to work towards achieving your organisation’s goals and objectives. Some success factors for sales performance management are: Regular feedback Both managers and … Read More

The best way to set sales targets and quotas

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One of the primary reasons a business experiences failure or a loss of profit is because they set sales targets that didn’t come in to fruition. The most common mistake companies and business owners are making is using data from a previous year to simply estimate future growth. This method of prediction not only fails to include any potential variables … Read More

Offering effective praise for good performance

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The boss is walking past the workspace of a member of their team. They stop for a moment, then say: ‘I wanted to say good job with that contract’. Well, everyone loves praise, but the individual might have completed four contracts in the last three days. So which one? And were the others disappointing?  Confused? People can be. In circumstances … Read More

Still using Excel to calculate sales commission? Think again

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While it’s true that Excel and other open-source spreadsheet apps are useful for collecting, tracking and manipulating data, the truth is that these programs were never designed to be a catch-all for all of your company needs – and they’re far from being the best choice for processing or tracking sales commissions. Yes, Excel can number crunch and perform powerful … Read More

5 myths about your best-performing sales staff

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When calculating sales commissions, you’re going to be paying the best to those that have brought in the most business. That goes without saying. At the same time, you can promote their success to the rest of the team to encourage the same ethics, skills and processes to your other staff so they can emulate their success. Of course, one … Read More

3 commission tips for building great sales

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Once you’ve captured a high-flying sales team, the next challenge is to hang on to them and keep them motivated to grow your business. One of the ways you can do that is by using a cloud-based sales commission software that is easily accessible and which encourages collaborative working as well as rewarding individual talent.  Foster team spirit A salesperson … Read More

The best methods for running your sales team

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Sales is a varied beast, and every industry, company and even individual has a perspective on how to do it best, but you need consistency from your team. Thorough onboarding, regular training and a good operational base are the best way to implement your brand standard, so here are some tips on how you can create that atmosphere for your … Read More