Do you want to add sales commission management for Sage?

Our experts will integrate Commissionly via Jitterbit to add Sales Commission Management for Sage

sales commission management for Sage

Sales commission management for Sage, using the data your sales and marketing team are already creating, provides you with a powerful tool to close more deals and reduce administration costs

With Commissionly’s powerful cloud-based commission rules engine, commissions change from being a historical record of achievement to a real-time measured value that drive performance.

Administrators can see their workload drop from days to minutes. Sales Teams can see their performance in real-time allowing Sales Managers to support their teams in achieving their goals.

Use Sage data to calculate commissions on:

  • Calls Made

  • Appointments Booked

  • Deals Invoiced

  • Deals Paid

Commission Plan Features include: 

  • Tiered Commission Plans – As an amount or %

  • Bonus Payments – Additional incentives once goals are met

  • Splits – Allocate to Target, Commission or both.

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Additional benefits of our sales commission management app include:

  • offers transparency and it’s an easy matter for sales personnel to access the service and check all details
  • allows complete automation of the commission tracking process, saving valuable time for admin teams
  • gives real-time information, so you can create sales goals that are more relevant and reach objectives more easily and quickly

Managing sales compensation and commissions is essential for any sales-oriented business organisation, and using the cloud-based software supplied by Commissionly ensures you can produce all reports and generate commissions quickly.

Find out how Commissionly improve your sales commission management, speeding up your commission calculations and improving accuracy.

Using Commissionly to manage your commission program you can make both efficiency and monetary gains.

Reduced administration time, improved accuracy, in period information can either reduce costs or add money straight to the bottom line. 

To discuss how Commissionly can increase the effectiveness of your Sales activities and commission calculations book a demo. One of our Commission Consultants will take you through the program and suggest the best way your company can benefit for using the commission platform.