Payments is a data lead business sector and calculating commissions can involve managing data sets from multiple payments processors.

For each data set you then need to allocate Merchant data to commissionable agents and sales reps. You can also face paying continuing commissions for Merchant Transactions and one time commissions for Terminal sales. Commissionly has built in features that make managing commissions on Terminal sales and recurring revenues simple.

Merchant ID To Sales Rep / ISO mapping

Each time you close a deal resulting in a new MID being added, you can map the sales rep to the MID once and then subsequent transactions will be allocated to the sales rep automatically. This can also be used to map other parties that require a commission to be calculated based on the MID number.

Variable Commission Value Based on Terminal Rate and Term

The terminal package can have a both a variable monthly cost and a variable term that influence the commission paid.
Using Commission Lookup Tables you can build up your commission matrix and apply these to each transaction based on a lookup value such as a terminal name, rate and value.

Integration via your CRM

Manual Upload

Transaction Report Templates – On first import you can set up a template for each processing company including mapping the Merchant ID to Agents or Sales Reps


Automatic Upload

Using Zapier you have a choice to automate uploads either by using the transaction processing company API or by updating a spreadsheet with new rows of data.

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