Managing commissions within Medical sales can be a complex, time consuming and costly exercise. Commissions on medical sales can be influenced by the product being sold, the institution purchasing, the doctor using the product and the relationship with the sales person or agency.

Matrix Commissions

Commissionly has the ability to build commission matrix which can apply variable commission rates based on products or other factors to each Sale rather than a fixed or tiered % for all items in the sale.

Target Required

It you have a hurdle rate before commission is paid Commissionly can factor this in.  Once the commission is achieved you can either pay commission from the first sale or just for those over the target.


Manual Commission Adjustment:

Using Manual commission adjustment you are able to enter a bulk figure to deduct from the total commission payment. This does not recalculate any previous commissions or commission tier calculations. 

Automatic Clawback with Recalculated Commissions:

By marking an opportunity as a clawback the system will recalculate the commission payment for the period that the commission was originally paid in, including the tiers and adjust the current periods by the commission overpaid.

With Commissionly my client has been able to reduce time spend processing commission from 80% to 10% and the time they now spend isn’t on data entry but on useful analysis that is driving their business forward.

Jud Whidden / Jud Whidden Consulting Inc.


Sales data can either be manually imported via a csv upload or you can use Zapier to connect CRM’s, Billing and Payment Systems create and update deal records for commission calculation. Custom API integrations can be built if required.