Commissionly Insurance Tracker

Start by uploading your policies

You can upload all your policy details to the system. Policy payment schedule can be attached to a policy which tells the system when you expect to be paid your commissions for the policy sale. Existing templates for standard schedules can be extended with custom schedules to fit your carrier’s agreement.

Easily import your monthly carrier report

Our template importing system allow you to match the headings in you carrier reports to swiftly import commission payments. Multiple carrier reports will be converted into standard formats so that you can extract useful reports from the data.

Discrepancy Reporting

The system will identify any commission payments that do not match the schedule or amount you expect to receive. You can check amounts as values or a % of the gross payment. You can decide if you want to follow up on the discrepancy or accept it as is.

Agent Commission Calculations

If you have agents that you split your commissions with, the system will produce payment reports for you. Your agents can log into the system and see their earnings.


Commission Tracker

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