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Reclaim your missing policy commission payments with our simple tracker system

Step 1

Upload your policies and their commission schedules

Step 2

Upload your policy commission statements

Step 3

Reclaim your missing payments from your carrier or sales organisation

Upload Templates

Create upload templates for any of your Carriers to make importing data quick and simple

Payment Schemes

Set up your policy payment schemes to handle different payment schedules

Policy Bank

Set up expected payments as either values or % to check if expected = actual

Commission Calculation

Calculate down stream commission payments for sales partners, agencies and agents

Commission Tracking Reports

See at a glance missing or miscalculated commissions

Custom Action Lists

Keep on top of your commission reclaim management with inbuilt action lists.

Commission Tracker

Formatted Email Elements

Inform your carriers of missing payments or corrections required.

Grab one of the limited places on our beta program today and ensure you get paid your full commissions.

    We cannot offer beta slots to generic email addresses
    (eg gmail, yahoo etc)